Sunday, December 21, 2014

Ethics of the Autonomous Car

This past week in Rogate we have been talking about Ethics, and the power of how ethical something can be.  Through out the week, Ms. Mystrena would put us through ethical situations, that could not be solved, but only have an opinion on, which would obviously start a large debate.  One of the ethical situations was whether to make an autonomous car that chooses the most ethical place to crash when in the situation.  One of them was to either crash into an SUV or a Mini Cooper.  The more ethical choice would obviously be to crash into the SUV since it is larger and safer.  Another of them was to either crash into a motorcyclist with a helmet or with out a helmet.  Obviously the ethical way to go is to crash into the motorcyclist wearing a helmet, but this is very much going to bring up a date.  One thing is that the autonomous cars could just be a riding death machine in a way.  Also, if the cars will start to hit everyone wearing a helmet, people will then stop wearing helmets, then causing more deaths when they get into an accident.  I think that having a car make decisions through a random number system is a very very bad idea.  Doing that is basically randomly choosing someones death.  I don't think it is worth to make these cars if they will only kill more people.  I also think that the driver should have the responsibility of whatever happens.  It was the drivers choice to buy this car, and in doing so he/she has the responsibility to use it carefully, and if anything bad were to happen, would have the responsibility of whatever happened.

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